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Reckless Love

In Luke 15 we read stories that Jesus told of the reckless love that God has for us. We see God in action. Today we spend extra time in prayer and worship, for our 21 day “first” prayer & fasting focus, and sing the song “Reckless Love” quoted in the message.

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A spiritual checkup prayer time, like we see in Psalm 139, can be a helpful part of a growing relationship with Jesus. God loves you, created you by design, knows everything about you, always with you, and thinks about you. You may walk the way of eternal life by asking God to examine your heart and mind.

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It Works

Just like Doc Brown was surprised that his invention worked, we may find ourselves shocked that praying a verse for someone else is effective. James 5:16 has a lesson for us about prayer that has power “as it works”. Talk with God, in His language, on behalf of people in your life and you will experience peace and see change.

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