Diverse ChildrenDo you remember the sight of that bean sprout coming out of the dirt filled milk carton? As a kid you’re jumping around the kitchen declaring yourself Farmer of the Year. Growing up can be exciting. Growth is natural. You don’t expect your teenager to still be in diapers. We all want to grow. Where there is life – there is growth.

At City Bible Church Baltimore we want to help you grow in your relationship with God and your relationships with others. Remember, we say that with us there’s “no perfect people allowed”. That means that we don’t have it all figured out. We believe that everyone can use a little help. This is why we say, “Nobody stands alone.”

Each of us has a next step to take. At CBCB, we can introduce you to someone, or a group of people, who can help you take that next step. We have “Life Groups” who meet in homes for a variety of reasons. We’ll help you find the focus you’re looking for. You may find life-long friends or a small group that discuss a book for a few weeks. We grow together. As a result our daily life is better. Our families, our work, and our homes are better as we grow in how we pray and how we learn from the Bible.

We would love to learn from you. We would love to help you grow.

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