Luke 8:40-56; 9:1-9

Jesus heals in response to the faith of two people here. One is a woman who had exhausted medical help without healing to twelve years of constant bleeding. The other is Jarius, who had a twelve-year-old daughter that died. Both of them reached out to Jesus, believing that He could do a miracle. The power of God is seen in Luke 8:40-56 by Jesus bringing healing to conditions that seemed irreversible. Jesus showed power over physical problems that could not be fixed by others. Jesus was available to people. Jesus wasn’t looking for fame or payment. Jesus wanted to see the power of God released and to see the faith of witnesses grow. The followers of Jesus had been watching Him work miracles and hearing Him teach the Good News. Now, He instructed them to go out to new villages, teaching, and healing. He sent them out in such a way that would grow their faith in God.