Luke 10:25-42; 11:1-4

At this place and time, there were people who believed that if you followed certain rules you would go to Heaven, when you died, regardless of your relationship with God, regardless of the spiritual state of your heart. When tested with the question of what must be done to enter Heaven, this is how Jesus responds (in Luke 10:25-42). Love God with all you’ve got and love your neighbor in the same way that you take care of yourself. Jesus calls us to love God with whole-hearted devotion, knowing full well that we can be filled with His love as we do. From this place, we are now free, healed, full of life, and enabled to serve others from this place of love. Then Jesus explains this by telling a story, teaching us that our “neighbor” is whomever God has placed in our path that is in a state of need. We should find a need and meet it. Jesus helps Martha understand that personal relationship with Him is a priority over the activities of this world. Jesus gives His followers a “power tool” of a pattern for prayer. This Lord’s Prayer provides a helpful template for our daily conversation with God.