Faith seen in works. Please read James 1:22-2:26 

“I will show you my faith by my good deeds.” – James 2:17-18

Over the next several weeks we will study the letter from James. As we do, please read the words of Jesus found in Matthew chapters 5, 6, and 7 looking for direct connections. 

What do we learn about God?

God is faithful. 

God gives wisdom. 

God is reliable. 

God gives opportunities. 

God blesses. 

God has spoken. 

God offers salvation. 

God’s law leads to freedom.

How should we respond?

1. We must be careful to do what God says.

2. Prejudice is unacceptable and a disorder of the heart. 

3. Faith in Jesus should be followed by actions. 

4. Showing love, respect, and generosity toward all people is one way to see faith in action. 

Here’s the outline we will be working from:

James – the principles of faith-works.

I. Faith seen in growth James 1:1-21   

II. Faith seen in works James 1:22-2:26

III. Faith seen in words James 3:1-18

IV. Faith seen in purity James 4:1-5-6  

V. Faith seen in patience James 5:7-12

VI. Faith seen in prayer James 5:13-20