Mark 1:1-28

The “Gospel of Mark” was written by John Mark, cousin of Barnabas and faithful interpreter of the apostle Peter’s testimony. (Meaning he was the one who most often wrote down Peter’s sermons etc.) The early church viewed the book we now read, called “Mark”, as Peter’s memoirs. Mark traveled with Paul and Barnabas. His mother’s house was a gathering place for the early Jerusalem church and the place that the Lord’s Supper occurred. Jesus Christ is seen as the Son of God who became the Son of Man, our Messiah, and servant of Jehovah, who suffered for our ransom. This gospel seems to be written to people with a dominant Roman culture as the various Jewish customs are explained. There’s a clear focus on the “Good News” of Jesus. Jesus arrives, as predicted, He is baptized and God the Father speaks His love, approval, and joy over Him. Jesus calls people to believe and to repent of their sins. Jesus calls followers to become “fishers of men”.