Mark 2:18-28

Jesus says that there will be a time for fasting. He predicts that the New Covenant will be like new wine in a new wineskin. I believe this relates to practices from the older covenants and practices of their heroes in the faith. The Sabbath practice honors God and brings benefit to the people who use it. As we focus on God, stop our usual work, spend time with our spiritual family in worship and our natural family and friends, we should be at rest in our salvation. This helps us. We are free to do good deeds and help others on the Sabbath. Jesus sets right what they had wrong about Sabbath. Jesus brings healing and freedom. Jesus chooses, calls out, trains, gives authority & mission to, releases the 12 disciples. The ability of Jesus to remove demons proves that He is more powerful. Jesus says that anyone who does His will is in His family.