Hearts & Hands for Freedom

Feb 20, 2022

Exodus 3:1-21 4:1-5 “then they will believe”

God gave Moses a dream of the people living in freedom.
Moses, what’s in your hand?
God uses the walking stick to do a miracle that is a sign. It is delivered with a message of hope and it is essential to the process of God bringing the people to freedom. It requires a faith-filled step of obedience from Moses.

Spiritual freedom, salvation, new life, redemption, restoration are part of God’s plan for humanity.

Romans 6:15-18

Romans 10:9-10

2 Peter 3:9

God will often use what’s in your hand to fulfill what He put in your heart.

What’s in your hand is now and familiar. What’s in your heart is distant and mysterious.

What’s in your hand is obvious and natural. What’s in your heart is eternal and has spiritual significance.

What’s in your hand looks like you. What’s in your heart looks like the you that you want to be seen as.

What’s in your hand involves pressure and discipline. What’s in your heart is a dream and can be romantic.

What’s in your hand can involve the weight of expectation. What’s in your heart is often not carrying the weight of others’ expectations.

What’s in your hand is what you do, a calling. What’s in your heart is what you love, a purpose.

Matthew 25:21

Romans 12:1

What should we do?

1. Accept God’s design. Don’t underestimate what’s in your hand and fantasize what’s in your heart.
2. Ask God to open your spiritual eyes to the value of what you have been given and the people around you.
3. Think about your story.
4. Start taking next steps, changing now. Don’t wait to become who you want to be.
5. Value your relationships.
6. Be on the lookout for the miracle in the midst of the ordinary.

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