Romans 1:18-32

Our Creator is powerful, faithful, and loving, with a nature that is unique from our own. Every part of creation that we see, speaks of this Creator, calling our attention to worship Him. There are people who suppress this truth, claiming to be wise, they have become foolish. They choose to refuse to give thanks to God, in worship. They chose to worship other things instead. Their minds have become dark and confused. Tragic symptoms come from this. God had warned people of the consequences of turning away from Him. They did not listen. Many times God tried to draw them back. Romans 1:18-22 speaks of this. Certainly, people are born into a broken world and are hurt in many ways. Each person is unique. Only God knows their internal pain and struggles. The one true living God must have more wisdom than we do. We should understand that our Creator has the right to instruct us in the way to live. Our reasonable response would be to forsake living based on our own ideas or desires above all else. Living to make myself happy first doesn’t work. Jesus called us to “repent” (change the way we are thinking and change direction). Paul is writing about such a change. This is only possible by the grace of God, given to the humble.