Romans 6:15-23; 7:1-6

We are giving control over to whatever it is that we choose to follow. It is possible that you have learned over time, that your own cravings, thoughts, and feelings are not always reliable for life-altering decisions. Spiritual freedom can be found in Jesus! As our Good Shepherd, Jesus is worthy of our trust. When we choose to receive Jesus as Savior, God’s grace brings us new life. We are free from any idea that our actions are the determining factor for our salvation. Our faith in the action of Jesus is a determining factor. We are now free from the compulsion to make mistakes. We can walk away from a life of toxic selfishness. We have freedom. We now have a choice. Now we can live wholeheartedly, in a healthy relationship with God and others. We do not have to live like a bully who cares about himself more than anyone else. Selfishness breaks relationships. As Jesus followers, we are free to live by the leading of the Holy Spirit. The result is good, patient, and kind love.

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