Love Speaks

Aug 14, 2022

This is part one of our series of messages considering how we can follow the example of Jesus, by speaking the truth in love.

God started the conversation by speaking to us through Jesus Christ, as seen in John 1:10-14.

Jesus followers Ephesians 4:1-16

As you may know, the Ephesians were not all that dissimilar to us. In the same way there was a lot going on in life and they faced many challenges and uncertainties. They daily interacted with many thoughts, philosophies, and spiritual practices. Yet they found salvation and a transformative relationship with Jesus Christ. Their faith in Jesus was opposed. The enemy was at work bringing deception for the sake of division. This instruction to “speak the truth in love” was given as a priority.

Directly linked to our faith in God’s gracious salvation and spiritual growth in following Jesus, we find “speaking the truth in love” and “growing more Iike Christ Jesus.”

Remember Jesus is the living word, truth, who came to us, as seen in John 1.
God initiated the conversation. God speaks first. God leads with love. God speaks through Jesus and through the Holy Spirit and they have done so through the Scriptures. It would not have been loving for God to give us life and then give us the silent treatment. God speaks love. In the same way it is not loving for us to give others the silent treatment.

Certainly there are many reasons to avoid various conversations. We may have made mistakes with what we have said and are trying to grow wiser in what we say and how we say it. And yet God does not want us to be silent.

This week let’s spend some time reflecting on these questions:

1. What does this mean?
2. What is God saying to us?
3. What loving truth has God given us?
4. Who has God put in our lives?

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