November 12  Proverbs 27:15-22 Hebrews 11:1-16  Ezekiel 22:23-31; 23

Please read the suggested passages, prayerfully consider them, and the questions below. My comments here may be helpful after those moments. The suggested daily reading is for the purpose of reading through the whole Bible within a year.

Reading the Bible is helpful in taking next steps to follow Jesus. It may not be easy and yet it can be rewarding. Digging into Scripture alongside people you know is a life-giving way to pursue answers together. We discover the love that God has for us has been expressed through Jesus.

  • What’s the plain simple truth of the verses you read?
  • Based on today’s reading, what is one thing God is saying to you?
  • What should you do about that truth?

November 12  Proverbs 27:15-22 Hebrews 11:1-16  Ezekiel 22:23-31; 23

Proverbs 27:15-22

We can think about what we say before we say it. We can choose words that are helpful instead of words that are hurtful. In our relationships, we can benefit each other or we can cause stress. The cravings of our natural flesh will not be ultimately satisfied in this life. Only God brings ultimate fulfillment. We should consider this fact when we evaluate whether or not we are allowing our desires to drive our lives.

Hebrews 11:1-16

What is faith? In a sense, it is the ability to move in the direction of what we believe. This is a gift from God. As a Jesus follower, we can now see what God wants us to see. We can agree with God by choosing to believe. We can live by it. We can choose to rely on who God is and what God has said. That is faith. Hebrews reminds us of people who chose to believe that God exists and will reward those who sincerely seek Him. Through life and death, they made choices based on who God is and their hope of Heaven. They trusted God regardless of what they saw on earth. They were looking for something better than this earth and they found it. They saw God answer prayer and fulfill promises. They looked ahead to the ultimate fulfillment that will be found in God.

Ezekiel 22:23-31; 23

Through Ezekiel, God reveals that He has seen leaders destroy the lives of people for their own financial gain. God wants spiritual leaders who will serve His people with integrity. This must include a faithful commitment to rebuild the principles of healthy right-standing relationships with God and others. God wants spiritual leaders who will pray for people in intercession. God calls for such people to watch over their land. God reveals a surprising similarity between Samaria and Jerusalem in their spiritual promiscuity. They valued themselves, their relationships, and things more than they valued God. Suffering follows the rejection of God. We are designed for a love relationship with God that will bring ultimate fulfillment.