James 1

James, the pastor of the Jerusalem church, is the first to write an open letter that serves as one of the pastoral epistles of the New Testament. He writes to Jewish followers of Jesus a letter that is directly connected to Jesus’ “Sermon on the Mount”. He speaks to the spiritual strength we can draw from a relationship with Jesus. Challenging days bring opportunities to grow in this spiritual strength. We can walk through dark days without being overwhelmed. God gives wisdom to people who rely on Him alone. We should live with a focus on God (not our cravings). Which are you following? We should be good listeners, who choose their words carefully and are not easily angered. Seeking wisdom from God, we can learn to see our lives clearly. Perspective is critical. James warns us to not be misled, allowing ourselves to be deceived. We can receive salvation by grace and live in new healthy ways because of this new spiritual life.