James 2

If we treat some people as less valuable than others, we are not faithful followers of Jesus. Favoritism and prejudice bring brokenness into a relationship with Jesus. My suggestion to all Christians is to read the words of Jesus found in Matthew 5 -7 and then James 1 – 5 for a helpful perspective. We are certainly saved by grace through faith in Jesus as Savior (as evidenced by our true repentance). This means that our change of heart is seen by a change of actions. If the trajectory of our lives as Jesus followers shows no change in our values, decision making, and acts of service (for people in need) then it is quite possible we are spiritually sick at the least. As Jesus followers, we have received mercy and so we must show mercy. God shows us, love, by making forgiveness and new spiritual life available through Jesus. As we receive this love, we believe in Jesus as Savior. This faith must produce action.