1 Peter 1; 2:1-3

We are able to receive the salvation of our eternal spiritual souls because of the benevolence of God. The supernatural power of God was seen by eyewitnesses in the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. Just like Paul, Peter is writing about redemption (salvation now) and restoration (salvation ultimate). Peter was an eyewitness to the way that Jesus walked through suffering, with a focus on the glory of eternal life. Jesus desired the future in Heaven of an unbroken relationship with all who would receive His love. God protects us here and now for that day to come. Jesus Christ kept a focus on this future day to come. This is how the genuine faith of Jesus remained strong through times of suffering. We are now invited to follow His example of faith through suffering. Bringing ourselves daily to thankfulness to God for our salvation, we are made stronger. Through Jesus, we rely on God and live with a new focus. Choosing to keep our faith actively focused on Jesus through the challenges of this life will bring rewards. Now we show sincere love to each other that is supernatural. Through this relationship with God, we are given the ability to think clearly, exercise helpful self-control, and look forward to the love of God and victory in Jesus. God’s love will last forever. The challenges we face today are temporary.