1 Peter 2:4-25

Jesus is the point of reference from which we build our lives and by which we evaluate our health. Jesus Christ is the starting point of our faith, our model example, and the One who sets things in motion for us. As followers of Jesus, we are brought into the Kingdom of God. Jesus is our Cornerstone. We are living stones in this New Temple, a place of worship and communion with God. Jesus endures being rejected by people whom He loves. As we receive the leadership of Jesus we also receive inexhaustible blessing from God. This should motivate us to live honorable lives. 1 Peter 2:22-25 should be a passage we reflect on at least monthly to consider exactly what this means. Out of a constant awareness of (and reverence for) God we live in honorable relationships with others: family, co-workers, neighbors, and authority figures. We do this by imitating Jesus who walked with humility and endured suffering with a focus on the victory that God would bring.