2 Peter 1

People who identify as Jesus followers are invited by Peter to grow in their understanding of our God. Let us recognize all that God has already provided for us. In the Scripture, let us discover the promises God has made to us. Let us respond to these promises with faith. 2 Peter 1:5-8 lists proactive steps of spiritual growth where we access the help God has provided and put it to use. We do not live out of our own strength, but instead, the strength of God fuels our efforts. Learning about God brings us to value growth in the strength of our character. This includes self-control, patience, and sacrificial, respectful, faithful love for others. As we grow in this way, our love of Jesus Christ will become more helpful to others. Such spiritual growth happens as we spend more time in the Scripture. Peter writes as one of the eyewitnesses who saw Jesus and heard the voice of God from Heaven identify Jesus as Messiah. Peter writes that this experience gave him more confidence in the prophecy of Scripture.

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