2 Peter 2

Peter points to the history of false teachers who seek influence among people who worship God. Such false teachers are persuasive as they put a twist on God’s truth. In the end, they are often known for a me-first sexual ethic and greed. People who identify as faithful to God may be deceived by false teachers. Such false teachers mock the truth which they do not understand. They reject trust in spiritual authority. Peter had seen people who identified as Christians influenced by such teachers. He saw them drift from Jesus into the ways of sin. Solomon and Peter warn us about the potential of bringing destruction on ourselves. Both describe the consequences of a predisposition that “I’m right” in favor of a humble desire to learn, placing priority on the revealed truth of God. People who remain self-oriented and lead others away from following Jesus are drawing multiplied pain on themselves. Peter advises us to be focused on Jesus, avoiding selfish sexual sin. We should learn to recognize false teaching so that we can avoid it. God will punish those who refuse to repent of selfishness.

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