2 Peter 3

When people follow their own desires and drift from God’s truth they will not see the consequences coming. Our God is patient. God desires that everyone would turn away from sinful selfishness. God desires that people would receive His own loving forgiveness and enter a committed relationship with Him. Peter invites people into this way of following Jesus Christ. God’s love for us, for all humans, is patiently allowing an opportunity for people to turn from selfishness and receive Jesus as Savior. God does not want anyone to suffer the consequences of rejecting His offer for salvation. Peter and Paul wrote about this truth as something they learned from Jesus. They wrote about it as a priority for us to understand. This was set in the context of their confident expectation of Christ’s return. God gives us today so that we may follow Jesus and urge others to do the same. When Jesus returns God will make all things new. Let us now live with this future in our sight.

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