1 John 1; 2:1-11

John writes of the supernatural joy found in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We must consider who Jesus Christ is. The One who has always been. The One who will always be has made a way for us to share in this spiritual life. Through Jesus Christ, we can be cleansed of the guilt from our mistakes as we confess them. Jesus Christ lifts from us our sin. Receiving God’s faithful love for us includes a decision to turn away from our self-first focus and turn toward following Jesus as our Savior and Lord. We show our love for God by searching out the instructions of Jesus and choosing to obey them as our new lifestyle. In this new life, we come to know God through a personal relationship with Him. We are now able to love God with all we have got and love others in the same way that we take care of ourselves. The love of Jesus Christ gives us a new ability to love others. Jesus lived this way. John was an eyewitness, of the lifestyle of Jesus, and invites us to jump into the joy of this lifestyle.

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