1 Thessalonians 4

Here we read about people who identified themselves as followers of Jesus Christ. They kept a priority on living their lives in ways that would please God. They viewed their bodies as designed for God’s purpose, not selfishness. This principle brought guidance to issues of sexual expression. Out of a personal relationship with Jesus comes new life and confident hope. This brings inspiration and a new ability to choose a lifestyle of living for God, our Creator & Redeemer instead of living to please ourselves first. When we want to please God more than anything else we can live a “holy” life, focused on God, avoiding sexual sin. Out of “agape” love for God and others we grow in self-control. All of this springs from a belief that Jesus will return to earth. Christians should encourage each other with conversation about the return of Jesus. This should include the expectation of a day when we will be living alongside those who once passed away. What wonderful days are ahead! This great hope before us should inform every single day.