Colossians 1:1-23

Here we read the guidance for people who are following Jesus. They are faithful. They are known for showing love to people who are across cultural lines. This love of theirs came from a confident hope that Jesus Christ prepares a place in Heaven. It is a love from the Holy Spirit. Paul writes to the church in Colosse, just 100 miles from Ephesus. We don’t know if he had ever visited. This church started in the home of Philemon about the same time that the Ephesian church started. Paul writes to refute false teaching about the person and work of Jesus. “Grace and peace, agape love for all people, faith, and confident hope”. This is a list of values that are of great importance. They are phrases commonly used to describe thriving local churches. The Colossians show a supernatural love for others, as a result of receiving the Good News of Jesus. Paul & Timothy are praying that God would give the Colossian’s spiritual wisdom, understanding, endurance, joy, patience, and an ability to recognize the guidance of God. Jesus is our redemption, ransom, visible image of God who existed before human time, the head of the church body and the peacemaker. Jesus is the one who brought us (who were once far from God) into the presence of God. We must continue to “believe this truth and stand firmly in it”. Just like the Colossians, we should read this passage and let its truth shape our perspective. It brings us to the reality of who Jesus is.