Colossians 3; 4:1

Paul writes about how our life can change when we receive new spiritual life from Jesus. We can now think about the “realities of heaven” more than the things of earth. We should value the “realities of heaven” more than the “realities” of earth. With this in mind, we must walk away from sin and toward Jesus who is making us new. In this new life, how we identify ourselves (re: gender, race, status, etc.) is not what matters most. Jesus is what matters most. Colossians 3:12-16 has an amazing description of Jesus’ characteristics. We can grow in the same characteristics as we get to know Jesus. This helps us understand what following Jesus looks like. In response to Jesus, we sing to create an avenue whereby grace can be poured into our hearts. We sing because of the grace God poured on us. Paul instructs us to relate to the people in our lives out of constant awareness of God. What does this passage mean in our practical everyday lives? Serve Jesus in everything you do, in every way that you do it, and in every reason that you do it.