Psalm 111

Today I will praise God with all of my heart. Thank You, God! Join me and let us praise the living God who is our Creator, Provider, Protector, and Redeemer. God hears our worship. We have a song of profound meaning to the Israelites in Psalm 111. It is an acrostic poem (using the Hebrew alphabet) and has been memorized by millions. From it, we see that people who love God should consider God’s actions and learn from them. God always remembers His covenant agreement with His people. Later we would read in Proverbs 1:7, 9:10, and 15:33 that Solomon had learned from David and Psalm 111:10. Humility comes before honor. Fools despise this. The knowledge of God, the Holy One, results in good decision-making. What benefits are available from a relationship with God?

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