2 Corinthians 10

Paul writes about the value of an eternal perspective. We can come to understand what will last forever. This will helps us resist pride and many other mistakes. It will help us avoid distractions and building frustrations. Eternal perspective based on God’s value system will lead to grace and peace. Facing opposition from people trying to dissuade the Corinthian believers, Paul speaks of spiritual influence that comes from God. This quality of leadership is one of interdependence and healthy relationships. It is not one of lording over people through intimidation or manipulation. Sadly many of today’s leadership books carry a mixture of this sort. Paul’s focus on Jesus led to a resolve to help others remove any obstacle they face to following Jesus. Here we read that they hoped the faith of the Corinthians would grow “so that this message of Jesus will ever be reaching more people”. It’s a rich chapter of leadership principles.