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Volunteer this Friday

Nov 18, 2020

Hello beautiful people!

We are praying for you. We love you!
Your courageous generosity in financial donations has made it possible for us to do something amazing this Friday!
9 am this coming Friday we have an amazing opportunity to distribute 630 chickens, 7 pounds each, for families in need.
We are so thankful for our partners in YWAM Baltimore, the Weinberg Y, and Somebody Cares Baltimore.

Thankfully, we have been able to coordinate specific deliveries to hundreds of families in need, since April, through more than a dozen organizations and churches.
We need your help in unloading the truck. Organizing the chickens for delivery. Making deliveries.
Please meet us in the parking lot of the “Weinberg Y” YMCA on 33rd Street, 9 am this Friday morning. Please be ready for the weather. This is an outdoor effort. Please wear a mask.

Ben & Rebecca Malmin, Pastors

City Harbor Church
410.929.1619 office