God our Creator and Redeemer is worth praising with the best of our energy.
In Psalm 8 David has written a song about a God whose “majestic name of God fills the earth”, a glorious Creator God who cares about humans, giving them glory, identity, and purpose. David finds wonder in who God is and how God relates to humanity.
With the names people have used to describe God, they are saying: “This __ is what I have found to be true about God. This ___ is what I believe you will find to be true about God.” We look for online reviews before we buy something, wanting to verify what other people have experienced with a product. People we don’t know. Looking for truth. The stories in Scripture have been determined to be inspired and found to be reliable by millions of people.

Names used to describe God:

El Elyon the Most High God – Genesis 14:17-20 by Melchizedek

El Olam Everlasting God – Isaiah 40:28-31 by Isaiah

El Roi The One who sees – Genesis 16:13 by Hagar

Jehovah Jireh Lord will provide – Genesis 22:13-14 by Abraham

Jehovah Nissi Lord our banner – Exodus 17:15 by Moses

Jehovah Rohi Lord our shepherd – Psalms 23:1 by David

Jehovah Shalom Lord our peace – Judges 6:24 by Gideon

Jesus has a descriptive name for God: “Daddy God, who is in Heaven, I praise your name,” Luke 11:1

How would you describe God? How would I describe God? In my darkest hour, Sunrise – Brilliant Gentle

God also gave people descriptive names to call Him by:

El Shaddai God Almighty – Genesis 17:1 by God to Abraham

Jehovah Maccaddeshem Lord my sanctifier – Exodus 31:13 by God to Moses

Jehovah Rapha Lord our healer – Exodus 15:26 by God to Moses

Jehovah Shammah Lord who is present – Ezekiel 48:35 by God to Ezekiel

Jehovah Tsidkenu Lord our righteousness – Jeremiah 23:6 by God to Jeremiah about Jesus Son of David

Elohim Mighty Big God – Genesis 1:1

What have we learned about God?

God our Creator and Redeemer is worth praising with the best of our energy.

How should we respond?

1. Praising God with the best of our energy.

“You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind,” – Matthew 22:37

2. Set a reminder alarm (morning, noon, and night) to praise God.