Luke 2:1-20
In the birth of Jesus, we see how God wanted us to understand Him. This includes an approachable humility and a courageous love. New life is now available. God has given an opportunity to be involved in something bigger than our lives alone.
What do we learn about God and ourselves?

God has shown us love through the birth of Jesus.

Nothing is impossible with Jesus.

Forgiveness is available to all who repent.

Miracles confirmed the identity of Jesus.

God is active.

God responds to people who believe, trust, rely on.

God speaks through people.

What should we do about this?

Receive Jesus, believing nothing is impossible for God.

Lead a lifestyle of love and peace.

Share Jesus with others, listening and speaking.

We are called to trust in Jesus at a new moment in history because God is at work for a “turn around” in Baltimore.