This holiday season let us consider who Jesus is, finding strength and joy.

Who is Jesus? Why does this matter? Does this bring you joy?

John the disciple and John the Baptist context. John the Baptist story: Luke 1:39-45, 57-80; 3:1-22  Matthew 3

John the Baptist sees a transition of fewer people following him as more people turn to follow Jesus. John is happy about this and teaches his students truths about Jesus. With clarity, John the Baptist points out the purpose of Jesus as Messiah, making a way for those who would believe in Him to have eternal life.

John the Baptist teaches that Jesus is:

1. from Heaven John 3:31

2. Greater  John 3:31  5:31-47  Colossians 1:11-22

3. Speaks God’s Word (and what He has seen & heard)  John 3:32, 34  5:16-19

4. God gives Him the Spirit  John 3:34

5. Father loves Him.  John 3:35  5:20  Matthew 17:2  2 Peter 2:17 

6. Father gives Him all things.  John 3:35  5:20-23

7. Whoever believes (obeys) Him has eternal life. John 3:36  5:23-30, 6

“The foundation of our salvation is the infinite regard that the Father has for the Son.” – John Piper

What do we learn?

1. Jesus is above anyone who has walked the earth.

2. God has given Jesus living power beyond anything we face.

3. There is a loving relationship between each member of the Trinity.

4. As our understanding of who Jesus is grows, we will be filled with strength and joy.

5. The humanity of Jesus and the deity of Jesus are both important for us.

6. We can believe in Jesus as Savior and follow Him wholeheartedly as our way to eternal life.

What should we do?

1. Receive Jesus as Savior and Lord.

2. Respond by loving God with all you’ve got and others in the same way that you care for yourself.

3. Draw strength and joy from this personal relationship with Jesus.

4. Grow your faith in Jesus by pursuing answers to your questions.