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We Are Following Jesus – Acts 2

Apr 16, 2021

You are not alone. We are following Jesus together. God is bringing us into a new season. We are being invited to new activities. God’s message and ministry the same. We are receiving identity, value, purpose from Jesus. We are learning from Jesus and those who followed Jesus close in those first days.

Let’s look at the story, when the resurrected Jesus returned to Father God in the heavenlies and the Holy Spirit arrived.

Jesus gave them instructions: Acts 1:4-5, 8

The Holy Spirit arrived with powerful evidence: Acts 2:1-4, 11

People asked “What can this mean?” – Acts 2:12

Peter answered their question with truth that is essential for us today: Acts 2:14-21, 23-24, 32-33,36

Then they asked Peter, “What should we do?” – Acts 2:37

Peter answered their question with clear instructions that are essential for us today: Acts 2:38-39

  • Here’s an initial description of our suggested response:
  • God has shown us love through Jesus.
  • We must each choose to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior.
  • This includes confessing and turning away from our own toxic selfishness. In this, we receive spiritual cleansing, new spiritual life, relationship with God, and the hope of Heaven.
  • As a public sign of our private faith confession, we should be water baptized.
  • We receive the Holy Spirit’s powerful help for following Jesus in this new way.

Now as a church family we welcome anyone who is ready to take these initial steps.

Jesus gives us a new sense of identity, value, and purpose. This includes sharing this Good News with people.

God is leading us into new creative ways of this journey, following Jesus together. This includes inviting people into the next steps of this journey.

Our methods will be new. The message of Jesus is the same.